Introduction to Reflections on Dance

I have always danced. And I have written since the time I could hold a crayon. I am a choreographer, a Laban Movement Analyst, and a founder and director of a budding arts center. I am particularly passionate about the places where deep body experience intersects with observation and reflection.

As I clarify my own ways of working within dance, I am finding that I have a lot to say. I end up shaking in the middle of conversations, sometimes writing in the middle of the night to get it out. I love and believe in dance and at the same time aspects of the dance world trouble me. I have many questions.

This blog will serve as a forum for engaging these questions and passions. I will add new posts approximately once a week.

Some of my current writing interests include:
    Reflections on performances
    The value of all movement rather than narrowly defined “dance”
    The creative process
    Dancers and dance-makers as true artists and thinkers
    The qualities of presence within performing, dancing, and living
    Authenticity and integrity within dance
    Ways of seeing based on Laban Movement Analysis

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